Payment Kiosk
The Self-service kiosk for all kinds of utility payments.
All you need to do is to insert your bills and automatically it will be done! Utility bills (standard OCR, General OCR, local tax) when you insert bills into the slot for storage will be handled and automatic withdrawed from the customer's account or card.

  • Design to improve the productivity of the financial institution branch staff
  • By rapid processing of bills housed in parallel processing tasks, as well as financial services
  • Expedite the process of your business bills on a busy day.
  • Suitable and excellent design for small occupied branch office.
  • Ergonomically and simply design for anyone.
  • Improves staffs work environment such as bankbook clean up.
  • Applicable to other financial service work that needs image reading process
  • Various payments are acceptable (card, Bankbook, mobile phone, print and direct connect accounts, etc.)